I am absolutely smashing the public speaking. The NLP has helped me to gain control over my mind and body’s response to different situations. I was sceptical at first but I has genuinely worked for me.     Deputy Principal, Auckland.

Thank you so much for your time this year – it has been absolutely life changing for my practice and uplifting; giving me heart that I can get it right!   Head of Department, Auckland.

Thank you for all your support for the last year or so.  Without it I probably would have fallen over – just another burnt out teacher.  Head of Faculty, Northland.

Thank you again for coming yesterday. I always get the best advice and discussion on how to improve my teaching practice. Your positive attitude really has a great impact to motivate me.  Teacher, Decile 1 school

Pippa has done an excellent job in developing two screencasts on external assessment in technology. The screencasts are both excellent resources for technology teachers with a wealth of information presented in a clear and engaging manner.  Pippa’s presentation skills are evident in the very professional narration of the screencasts. These screencasts have been very well received by technology teachers and other stakeholders including NZQA.
Malcolm Howard
National Co-ordinator Technology [SSA contract]

I’ve watched your screencasts on L1 and L3 tech modelling.  I have found these very helpful.  I really appreciated the Technology template that you had colour co-ordinated with the literacy AS on it.   TIC Textiles, Decile 10 school.

I would just like to say how fantastic I thought your screen cast was on Level 3 Technological modelling AS91612. I am trying to lift my students to Excellence and found that your very clear and concise instructions have made me have a much clearer understanding of what is required to reach a higher level.   TIC Fabric Technology  Decile 9 school