Whether you are new to technology or new to New Zealand, kia ora, welcome!

We are here to help and support you.

Technology is a diverse subject area covering

  • Design and Visual Communication
  • Digital technology
  • Electronics
  • Food Technology
  • Processing Technology
  • Resistant Materials
  • Textiles

Frequently it also includes Home Economics and Hospitality.

Facilitation is personalised to suit you and your particular learning needs within the context of your school, your department and your classes.

Popular topics that we can clarify together include

  • Technology in the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Indicators of progression
  • Teaching and learning guides
  • NCEA assessment and moderation
  • Curriculum design
  • Course and programme design
  • Achievement Standards and Unit Standards
  • Unpacking standards
  • Scaffolding learning
  • Culturally sustainable pedagogy

This is professional development one-on-one that invests in your future as a teacher by meeting your needs today.  Appointments and times to suit you- one hour or one day at a time.  You choose.

Contact us to discuss what your next step will be.

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