This course is hands-on.  Each participant gets their own kit and materials (included in the price) and will leave with a variety of products they have created themselves.

The course will cover:

  • History and cultural use of soap
  • The chemistry of soap
  • Methods and techniques
  • Health & Safety
  • Recipes and quantity calculation
  • Fragrances, colour and other additives
  • Troubleshooting

We start with some demonstrations and experiments using detergents before moving on to practical soap-making.  We incorporate Health & Safety considerations.  All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided.  We cover cold press techniques  as well as basic melt and pour skills.  Participants will be able to create their own products to take away using melt and pour techniques.  Moulds and equipment, colouring and fragrance mixing, testing and trialling techniques, as well as more advanced options such as embedding are covered

The second part is tailored to meet the needs of attendees.  It can focus on the development of further practical skills and different techniques.  There is also an opportunity for group discussion about sustainability issues, ways of incorporating processing technologies in the classroom, unpacking a standard, scaffolding learning, writing specifications with students, assessment and moderation issues or whatever focus the group decides they would like to have.

Curriculum Links:  Science, Technology, Social Science, History, Sustainability, Numeracy.

Cost   $1000+GST (Includes soap-making kit and materials for each participant)

Cost is per workshop based on a maximum attendance of 10 people and 1 day single delivery within the Auckland Super City region.

Split workshops ( e.g. 2 half days, weekends), workshops outside this region and larger numbers subject to negotiation to accommodate travel and increased use of consumables.