Technology  includes Generic Technology, Construction & Mechanical Technology, Design and Visual Communication and Processing Technologies.

Level 1 NCEA = curriculum Level 6, Level 2 NCEA = curriculum Level 7 and Level 3 NCEA = curriculum Level 8.

The  Technology Matrix  contains hyperlinks to  the standards as well as the teaching and learning guides.  The most current version number is noted within the matrix. ( Correct as of January 2018.  For updates check )

So, for example, Level 1 Standard AS91049  or 1.6 ( Demonstrate knowledge of how materials enable technological products to function) has a reference of TK6-2 on the matrix.  Interpret this as meaning that it is aligned to the teaching an learning guide for TK ( Technological Knowledge) 6-2.

Alternatively, you can visit TKI and view the curriculum guides directly.  By scrolling down the menu at the right hand side of the page you can view every guide for every level.

Literacy & Numeracy matrix

This is the same Technology matrix but showing which standards carry numeracy or literacy credits.

Home Economics standards are drawn from the Health & PE curriculum.  The Home Economics Matrix contains  separate hyperlinks to the standards, the achievement objectives and teaching snapshots.

Digital Technologies is now a separate curriculum area.  The Digital Technologies Matrix contains hyperlinks for  both the old/expiring and newly developed standards, as well as intent, and learning programme guides  and resources.