Do you want to encourage students to achieve their potential?

Are you looking for a launchpad for learning?

Do you need some classroom support for an unfamiliar area of technology?

Masterclass workshops  are the perfect way to introduce new practical skills, combining understanding with  successful achievement … and more!

Workshops  can provide a jump-start to introduce a new topic and build capability with confidence.

Each facilitator-led workshop will provide full instructions for the techniques and equipment used.  You and your students can unleash your creativity and co-construct the learning.   The emphasis is hands-on participation with support materials for extension activities.

We can tailor workshops suitable for :

  • Intermediate technology ( years 5-8)
  • Junior technology (years 9-10)
  • Senior technology (years 11-13).

With Senior Technology we can also offer guidance as to how you could assess against NCEA Technology Standards.

Have a look at our case studies to discover how working with Mint Education helped students to achieve more in 2017.